Building Ethical Excellence in the Leaders of
Today and Tomorrow

Ethics are under intense scrutiny. Every day, a new headline reveals another high-level ethical breach or new investigation. To avoid being cast into the limelight, companies, colleges and universities are increasingly focused on establishing a culture of ethical awareness and good ethical decision making.

The solution isn't teaching people what’s right or wrong. The solution is to help them make better decisions by understanding that…

  • Different people look at the same set of facts through different ethical lenses
  • A person has to understand what the lenses are, and which is most natural to them
  • Then they can apply a decision-making process that allows them to make the best ethical decision for the stakeholders involved.

At EthicsGame, we provide a portfolio of classroom and online tools that you can integrate into an existing course, or use as a standalone learning experience in any academic or corporate setting. Our products bring the theory of ethics into practice and give participants experience making ethical decisions…

  • In a real world environment
  • Using a simulation-based approach
  • Through a practical, repeatable model
  • Based on a framework of four ethical lenses.


EthicsGame is the most innovative pedagogical tool that I have seen in my twenty five years of teaching.”
Dan Herron, Ph.D. – Miami University, Ohio

I want to thank you for another interesting and insightful course.  This course was the most interesting so far, because it incorporated philosophy in with communications.  The Baird text and the online website were great and I would recommend the text and this course for all levels of management.  Hope to see you in a future course.”
Edward Rezek – Student, Jones International University

"Hot Topics forces students to think out of their own ethical box. The four lenses reflect the basic approaches to decision making in a diverse society."
Pearson Liddell, Ph.D.--Mississippi State University

"Of the several online learning tools I looked at, EthicsGame Hot Topics is unique in its pedagogical design. The experiential format of the simulation results in a real-world learning opportunity for my students." Lisa M. Plantamura, Ph.D.--Centenary College

Students enjoyed being forced to look at ethical scenarios from multiple perspectives.  As working adults representing various levels of management (including executive), they expressed appreciation for the diversity of thought the simulations provide.  In addition to learning a new framework for making decisions, they felt the experience added to their abilities to manage ethical conversations in the workplace from a position of consensus vs. conflict."
Paul Jacques,Ph.D.--Western Carolina University

At the very least, this simulation taught us that there is no ‘right way’ to think through an ethical situation. Whether we think of these situations as the most good for the most amount of people, or in terms of rules and regulations, or in terms of reputation, or in terms of results, we are still thinking of a situation in an ethical way.”
MBA student – Utica College

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