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We are pleased to announce that in addition to our EthicsGame-Core Values simulation, which has been used by more than 2800 students in 31 universities during the past year, we now have available EthicsGame-Hot Topic with ethics modules for individual business classes.
Move from being “Right” to being “Responsible”

If you need to introduce an ethical component in a business class or are integrating Ethics Across the Curriculum, has a solution for you. EthicsGame—Hot Topic offers current ethics dilemmas in the traditional business disciplines: Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance, Law and Policy & Control. As students engage in an online simulation, they evaluate ethical dilemmas from the view point of four ethical lenses, thus grounding the simulation firmly within philosophic tradition.

The students will complete the assignments out of class. You will then be able to have a robust conversation during one or more class periods.

Provides Robust Faculty Support

EthicsGame provides teaching notes as well as grading rubrics for assignments so you can add the simulation seamlessly to your existing class.

Materials: This suite of simulations provides a solution for faculty who want to include an ethics module in their classes but are not comfortable with the pedagogy of business ethics. Each module includes:
  • An overview of the four ethical perspectives (lenses) and philosophy
  • Instructor overview of each dilemma
  • Analysis of each dilemma
  • Discussion guides to be used for in-class discussion or extra assignments
  • Grading guides
Grading: Faculty has online access to all statistics on their student's play. You can see how much time each student spent on each stage of the dilemma as well as time the student invested looking at the resource materials. Grading is flexible depending on how much weight you would like these assignments to have in your class. Grading can be based on a combination of:
  • Completion of work
  • Time invested
  • Final decision ranking
  • Thoroughness of the optional business memo
  • Class room discussion
Game Overview

Play: EthicsGame—Hot Topic is a web-based simulation that takes about two hours to complete.

Players take on an executive position in an imaginary company, G-BioSport. Players are then presented with a series of emails in their inbox that define a typical ethical business problem within the Hot Topic area. The student must use the four ethical “lenses” and the company's resource materials, which include the Company Core Values, Code of Conduct, and Employee Handbook, to find the best solution.

At any time the student can click on the Ethics Coach or Ethics Glossary for deeper explanation and learning. As the student makes their choices, the software is designed to weigh answers and respond with suggestions of further research and learning with the Ethics Coach if necessary. Praise for good choices is always given.

At the conclusion of each dilemma, there is an optional memo assignment, followed by the ranking of the student's final decision. If the student's decision is ranked Best or Better they are promoted. Importantly, the student learns the law that applies to the situation, and learns how to avoid an “orange prison jumpsuit.”

Form: The simulation is designed with “radio button” play. At the end of each dilemma, there is an optional writing assignment to explain their answer. The format of the memo is designed to give students practice in defending their ethical decisions and improving their business writing skills.

Cost per Student

Pricing is shown at full retail. Prices are discounted for bookstores and group purchases.

The cost per student is $29.95 per class for one module, which includes two full dilemmas tailored to the specific business theme. Each dilemma is analyzed using the four traditional, ethical philosophy perspectives. If you would like more than one module per class, each additional module is $14.95. There is a $4.00 game set-up fee.

Engage your student's moral imagination

Using EthicsGame—Hot Topic, students learn a decision-making model that will help them evaluate situations that will arise during their careers. Students are taught how to recognize an ethical issue, evaluate it, and then articulate their answer. In the process, they learn to exercise moral courage because they have increased confidence in their abilities.

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