Each person makes ethical decisions based on their values and perspectives. We rarely have an understanding of our approach to ethical decision making nor the variety of ethical lenses used by others.

The Ethical Lens Inventory™ (ELI) is a personal evaluation tool designed to help students understand the values that influence their choices. It identifies how they prioritize values when making ethical decisions. By understanding what values are most important to them and what values are most important to the other parties involved in an ethical situation, they can minimize unnecessary conflict, make better ethical decisions, and live their values with confidence and integrity.


The ELI consists of 36 pairs of statements or words. Your students will be asked to choose the statement or word that represents what values are most important to them or how they would act in a specific situation. No answer is right or wrong – either is perfectly legitimate. After students complete the inventory, they will get a print-out that describes their preferred lens. At that time they can explore some of the other available resources, which will deepen their knowledge of ethics and strategies for effective decision making.

Individual Student Results

Students are provided detail descriptions of their "ethical lens" allowing them to see their strengths and manage potential blind spots.

Instructor View of Entire Class

Instructors are able to see a scatterplot of all students within their specific course enabling the addition of dynamic in class discussions based on our table exercises.


The ELI identifies how a student prioritizes core values when making ethical decisions – whether they focus on end results, universal rights and duties, relationships in the community, or reputation and character (the Four Ethical Lenses™).

Click here or on the image to see a sample of the results from the Ethical Lens Inventory.


The ELI is easy to integrate into your syllabus or lesson plan as a stand-alone assignment or in combination with the Ethics Exercises or Simulations. The ELI is available in electronic or print form. Faculty/facilitators receive a compilation of student results and situational exercises to reinforce concepts through practice.


Identify the values that are most important to the individual.
Determine which of the Four Ethical Lenses reflects their ethical preference.
Discover the strength of their preferred lens.
Explore the gifts of their preferred lens.
Gain knowledge of how to analyze a dilemma by looking through all four lenses.
Exercise discernment in difficult situations by asking the right questions.
Have a common language for ethics and decision making.
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