Ethical Lens Inventory™ (ELI)

An online personal evaluation tool that allows students to identify their primary ethical lens or perspective

Ethical Lens Inventory

The ELI is the foundation of all the EthicsGame products. Students receive feedback about ethical strengths and weaknesses, gain an understanding of their individual ethical preferences, and learn strategies for improving their ethical decisions. The ELI can be used in combination with a simulation, Ethics Exercises or as a stand-alone tool.

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Ethics Exercises™

Exercises that introduce and reinforce general ethical concepts through rapid-fire, multiple choice questions

Ethics Exercises

Our Ethics Exercises are formatted to build confidence in ethical decision making, as students complete the exercises only after a level of 100% mastery is achieved. The Ethics Exercises are easily targeted to specific course content and focus on both compliance and behavioral ethics.

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Hot Topic Simulations™

Short and engaging virtual simulations that challenge students to make decisions from multiple ethical perspectives

Hot Topics Simulations

Hot Topic Simulations are an immersive, interactive and iterative learning tool where students practice making decisions about everything from investor fraud to false advertising to the social aspects of campus life.

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Core Values™

A team-based, semester long, writing intensive simulation for business programs

Core Values Simulations

The Core Values simulation allows students to make real-world ethical decisions as executives in a fictitious company, while requiring a high level of communication with team members and demonstrating how ethical decisions affect the financial standing of a corporation. Core Values is designed to be used with the groundbreaking textbook, "Everyday Ethics" by EthicsGame founder, Dr. Catharyn A. Baird.

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EthicsGame™ throughout the curriculum and across the campus

Find out how you can incorporate ethics and critical thinking into your curriculum. EthicsGame products can be used in Business, Health Care, Education, Nursing and Campus Life.