Facts, Meaning, and Implications

As I have been talking with people of all ages and political convictions, at the end of the conversation the question invariably gets asked: “What can we do to bridge the divide?” As one committed to teaching people how to navigate the ethics of creativity—how individuals and communities can live well together in a time of great ambiguity—the question deserves a thoughtful response. With an opening caveat that thriving in a time of creative ambiguity begins with an understanding that changing one’s mind is not the kiss of death, I’d like to offer some seemingly simple—but deceptively difficult—strategies that might help.

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Ego Free Leadership

Those of us who study leadership and ethics toggle between books that focus on a systems or organizational approach to improving the performance of an organization and those that focus on improving the skills of the leaders themselves. As Kendall Lyman stated in Change the Way You Change (2017), the answer is probably a “both-and” rather than an either-or.

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