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  • Everyday Ethics: Making Wise Choices in a Complex World

Discover a groundbreaking method for solving the ethical dilemmas that emerge in your daily life. Everyday Ethics is a journey down four paths exploring four major schools of ethical thought that shed colorful light on seemingly black-and-white problems. The destination: ethical maturity and agility—the ability to use the best of all four perspectives to create balanced solutions to life’s most complex problems.

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  • The Ethical Self

  • Using the Ethical Lens Inventory to Journey toward Ethical Maturity

Why do you believe what you believe? Why do others who claim to be ethical have such different notions of right and wrong? Together with the Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI), The Ethical Self can provide answers to these persistent questions.

Within, you’ll find a detailed guide to understanding the lenses and their decision styles. The ELI alone identifies your ethical perspective and strengthens your decision-making within your lens. But, with The Ethical Self, you can develop the self-knowledge and ethical agility to draw on the best qualities of all four lenses as you face complex decisions.

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  • Ethical Lens Inventory™

  • For Personal Use Only

The Ethical Lens Inventory allows you to identify and understand your particular ethical perspective. What you learn may surprise you. You’ll find the strengths of your approach and discover the gifts your perspective brings that you can use to persuade others. And you’ll see a glimpse of your lens’s shadow side—the temptations and vices to watch out for on your journey toward ethical maturity. Much more than a personality test, the ELI is a means of truly knowing your ethical self.

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Of the several online learning tools I looked at, EthicsGame Hot Topics is unique in its pedagogical design. The experiential format of the simulation results in a real-world learning opportunity for my students..

thumb Lisa M. Plantamura, Ph.D.
Professor, Centenary College

EthicsGame’s Core Values simulations and Ethical Lens Inventory, and Catharyn Baird’s book, Everyday Ethics, comprise an exceptional set of resources for any business ethics course. They give students a comprehensive analytical tool for ethical decision-making that can be learned, practiced, and retained for use in the difficult business and personal dilemmas they will inevitably face.

Richard Delliveneri, JD
Professor, Regis University
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