Do you want to do more than just check the compliance box? Governments, businesses, nonprofits, and associations can use EthicsGame’s engaging ethics training to translate core organizational values such as sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion into action.

Why EthicsGame

People in all organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and associations to non-profits and NGOs, need to be ethically mature and agile to function at top levels in today’s complex world. But how do C-level leaders, mid-level managers, and individuals know how to harmonize their values with those of the organization? And—more importantly—how can they and the organization remain ethical and effective in a rapidly changing world?

The EthicsGame values and ethics training fits into ethics, compliance, and value-based culture programs in any setting. Our curriculum helps organizations strategically enhance their culture by developing ethical leaders who can model how to harmonize personal and organizational values, build effective teams, coach for success, and avoid moral collapse and backlash.

So, isn’t it time to do more than just check the compliance box? Contact to find out more about bringing our ethics training into your organization.

Our Training Portfolio

Beginning with our foundational ethics assessment, the Ethical Lens Inventory™, the training team introduces members of the organization to the concept of ethical plurality—different people balance values in tension differently, causing miscommunication on ethical issues and complicating decision making. The EthicsGame approach helps teams learn how to hold each other accountable and make more effective strategic and ethical decisions.

Strategic Leadership Training: Our ethics curriculum helps leaders engage in values-based strategic thinking. A core contributor to ethical failure is neglecting to include ethical values in strategic planning. By learning about the Four Ethical Lenses™ and how to address ethical plurality in decision making, corporate leaders learn how to work effectively together to make ethically sound strategic decisions..

Managing Across the Employee Life Cycle: From learning how to interview for values, through on-boarding and evaluation, managers learn how to strengthen the ethical culture by using behavioral ethics strategies to encourage each employee to bring their best ethical self to work. In addition, EthicsGame curriculum provides innovative strategies for teaching ethical communication and resolution of dilemmas.

Individual Professional Growth: Individual contributors also become aware of ethical plurality and how different approaches to ethics can help resolve ethical tensions. In addition, they can learn how to have the ethical courage to effectively communicate an ethical concern and make choices that harmonize with their own core values.

Our Success Story

Since 2005, EthicsGame's corporate training programs have been used by leading trainers and organizations to provide engaging ethics and compliance training while bringing personal and organizational values to life.

Our ethics simulations will help employees and team members learn their ethical lens preference, discover ethical blind spots, study real-world scenarios, and enhance leadership skills by interacting with those with other ethical preferences. Diversity, equity, and inclusion will take on new meaning as diverse ethical approaches are considered and both organizations and individuals are challenged to live into their values while harmonizing actions with the values of others.

EthicsGame’s face-to-face and digital learning tools have helped organizations identify their ethical strengths and opportunities for individual and systemic improvement. By having our curriculum in your toolbox, you will enhance your current ethics and compliance offerings.

Organizational Offerings

  • Leadership Development
  • From Values to Action—A Systems Approach
  • Creating Values-Focused Teams
EthicsGame™ throughout the curriculum and across the campus

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