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Are you helping leaders bridge the gap between compliance and culture? By adding engaging, interactive ethics modules to your current leadership training materials, you can provide values-based coaching and consulting to help leaders create more ethical and inclusive organizations.

Why EthicsGame

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Ethics professionals use EthicsGame products to enhance change management, diversity, equity, inclusion, and employee development initiatives. By having our curriculum in your toolbox, you will enrich your current ethics, culture, and compliance offerings. Contact us at to find out more about using our content or becoming an EthicsGame certified trainer.

Our Training Portfolio

Ethics Assessment: Beginning with the Ethical Lens Inventory™, channel partners introduce their clients to the concept of ethical plurality—how different people balance values in tension differently, causing miscommunication on ethical issues and complicating decision making. The EthicsGame approach helps teams learn how to hold each other accountable more effectively and make better strategic and ethical decisions.

Strategic Leadership Training: Our ethics curriculum helps leaders engage in values-based strategic thinking. A core contributor to ethical failure is failing to include ethical values in strategic planning. By learning about the Four Ethical Lenses™ and how to address ethical plurality in decision making, corporate leaders learn how to work effectively together to make ethically sound strategic decisions.

Managing Across the Employee Life Cycle: From learning how to interview for values, through on-boarding and evaluation, managers learn how to strengthen the ethical culture by using behavioral ethics strategies to encourage employees to bring their best ethical self to work. In addition, EthicsGame curriculum provides innovative strategies for teaching ethical communication and resolution of dilemmas.

Individual Professional Growth: Individual contributors also become aware of ethical plurality and how different approaches to ethics can help resolve ethical tensions. In addition, they can learn how to have the ethical courage to effectively communicate an ethical concern and make choices that harmonize with their own core values.

Our Success Story

Since 2005, EthicsGame's corporate training programs have been used by leading trainers and organizations to provide programs that help create a values-based culture rather than just check the compliance box.

Adding EthicsGame ethics simulations and curriculum to leadership development, team building, employee on-boarding, or individual development offers a unique opportunity to explore how individuals, groups, and organizations fit together to create better societies. Ethics professionals guide participants through discussions of real-world scenarios, lending expertise and a framework for ethical maturity.

EthicsGame continues to create new products to respond to the rapidly changing landscape of ethics education. The modularized components can be customized and used as individual assignments in specific content areas or used comprehensively to create an “ethics-across-the-curriculum” approach to your ethics programs.

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Find out how you can incorporate ethics and critical thinking into your curriculum. EthicsGame products can be used in Business, Health Care, Education, Nursing and Campus Life.